Parent Information

Parent Involvement

We, in Hope Nursery School, value our parents, their contributions, in whatever way, to nursery life and, most important of all, what they can tell us about their child. Throughout the year you are always welcome to come into the nursery, to become involved and to get to know each other. Some parents forge friendships here which continue long after their child has moved on to primary school and beyond!

A range of opportunities are available for parents to become involved in our school. These include:

  • Parent help in the classroom.
  • Big Bed Time Read
  • Parenting courses.
  • Accompanying on trips & visits.
  • Fundraising activities.

School Links

The partnership between home and school is of vital importance. A successful partnership enables parents to understand how they can best share in and contribute to their child's education as well as helping the staff to ensure that each child achieves his/her potential at school. Parents are the first educators of their children and, as such, can provide us with very valuable information about their child. It is vital that this link with home is established from the outset as it enables information to flow freely in both directions.

Parent Testimonials


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  • Safeguarding- a guide for parents

  • A guide to parental responsibility

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