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At Hope Nursery School we provide a happy, safe, nurturing and stimulating educational environment, where staff work together to ensure that each child is valued and their well-being and development in all areas is promoted.

The school is bright, well maintained, well equipped and the general atmosphere is happy and relaxed to allow maximum learning opportunities for the children in its care.

Our school runs two full time nursery classes with 26 children in each.

Hope Nursery School is funded by the Department of Education and operates under the Education Authority, Belfast Region.

We offer free places to 52 children and have a long standing tradition of providing quality pre-school education within the area.

We operate a Breakfast Club and Afterschool facility to help support working parents.

Any prospective parent who would like to visit the school will be made more than welcome. Please contact the Principal, Mrs Joyce McKinty to arrange a suitable time.

Vector graphic of young school kids
Vector graphic of young school kids